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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 1, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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the home secretary has the discretion to revoke, refuse, and destroy passports if there's reason to believe people are planning to take part in terrorist-related activity. when police suspect a travel at the border, they're not currently able to apply for the prerogative and only have limited stop and search powers. we will introduce specific and targeted legislation to fill this gap by providing the police with a power to seize a passport at the border during which time they'll be able to investigate the individual concerned. joining me now is barbara lee. thank you so much for being with us. you heard what the prime minister said there. would you support stripping passports from citizens if they were to be a danger to the american homeland? >> you know, our homeland security department -- certainly, are reviewing all their provisions as it remits to preventing acts of terrorism. ic it's very important that as
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americans we ensure that we have that balance between civil remember -- liberties and the protection of america, our home, and also our citizens. i would rely on our homeland security, on the fbi, on intelligence officials to really make sure that, of course, we're safe. but make sure that our civil liberties are not violated in the context of ensuring national security. >> if they're suggestion were to you representative, we need to strip the passports of those who might go abroad. would you support that decision? >> i would have to know what exactly they are talking about. again, we have to really be very clear on how we find that balance, richard. it's not an easily or no. we have to make sure what the intelligence officials are telling us that issing a rate and we have to make sure that innocent people their rights are not violated. and so once again, i would have
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to know exactly what is taking place. that's why congress needs to be in the mix in all of this until we get back in session we have to rely on what the homeland security is telling us. i'm certain they're taking every precautionary measure they can within the context of our constitution. >> would you be open to congress coming back early as some are saying that you should? z>> i personally am open to us coming back early. we wrote to the speaker and asked the speaker to ensure that we have a congressional debate and vote as it relates to the expansion of the war in iraq and syria. however, we have not heard when we were coming back except for the date that we are now due back. i think it's essential that congress be there debating but really very serious national security issues that we have
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before us. >> do you think washington is avoiding this because it's coming up on the election year? >> i hope not. it should not be politicized the american people deserve to know what the american administration is considering in terms of military and nonmilitary option. it's our duty and responsibility to debate on any measures that expand the war that is taking place beyond the humanitarian concerns that we had at the protection of civilians. and beyond that, i think should be vofded in the debate and we should be voted on any next steps. thank you for joining us. >> joining us now is barry mccaffrey who served as division commander in the first gulf war. also, here with us former u.s. ambassador mark begins berlg who
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served as a white house middle east adviser. the u.k. prime minister announcing major new domestic security programs. some possibilities that david cameron like to get done there. it would basically allow the british government to deny to strip them as well as those returning u.k. citizens to britain if they feel they would be representing a jihadist force. what do you think of the moves? >> i take the comments made by the head of homeland security as well as the head of the cia that isis radicalization represents a direct immediate threat to the united states. so under the circumstances, the question is, and i can tell you that the united states state department has the authority not to issue passports. one of the questions we have
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with the self-radicalization an american went to syria and blew himself up. there's nothing that steps the same person from coming back to the united states to commit other than the fact he may be in tracking by the fbi. i'm not call for us to violate our civil liberties. it's important to pay attention to the threat. ic there's a lot of merit to this. consistently has been a voice for peace, a voice for moderation. you have to decide how we're going deal with literally hundred of combat experience jihadists coming back from these wars and coming years. there will be a tax in europe and the united states from this
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grou group. >> along with this move within we saw coming out the u.k. there's communication strategy that has been put out there that's the saviness of isis. how critical has that savviness been to isis' success and for that matter, how does the u.s. government fight back on that? >> it's astonishing the impact it had on the iraqi army. a quarter took off like wild hairs abandoned m 1 tanks and black hawk helicopters from literally a handful of truck-mounted isis fighters. i think the terror intake of what they're doing is working pretty effectively. but the other side of that politically they've terrified and alienated much of the sunni
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muslim world. it's a mixed bag. i think they're self-limiting. >> ambassador, reflect on that as well as the developments over the last two or three days. what is encouraging to you based on what we've seen over the weekend? >> general couldn't have said it any better. he's right on the money. we've seen isis, in effect, roll back from the mosul dam. we've seen a combination of iraqi and kurdish forces recapture the town, which has 70,000 people turks and kyi uniteds who were facing genocide under a nazi-style siege which was similar to what the nazis inflected during world war ii. it is no that challenging, in the end, if you have a coordinated role with the united states is used the military air power with kurdish peshmerga
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forces as well as with iraqi reinstituted iraqi forces. t not that hard to push 17,000 jihadis back to the enclave and bottle them up and decide what you want to do. >> quickly, with the developments what is happening in the u.k. as well as germany saying they want to supply arms. is this favorable to the nato meetings, you think, for the u.s. >> i think it's important that the president take a page out of british prime minister cameron's second speech now and come up with a strategy going to rally not only nato forces, remember, we're not only talking, richard, about european natos. we're talking about country. and it is turkey that has so much control over the future of isis and the rengion. it provides, in effect, the open border. it let much of the crude oil come in from isis captured oil wells. it's turkey has to play an essential role here. >> thank you so much, general mccaffrey as well as ambassador
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vice president joe biden spoke in detroit where he touched upon the democratic theme of income inquestion tak inequality. >> one of the reasons we're not growing is because ordinary people don't have money in their pockets.
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they're not being rewarded. >> beth is a senior editor for and jim warren is the washington bureau chief of the new york daily news. okay, beth, starting with you here. later today president obama expected to give a speech on the minimum wage. today is labor day. do you expect to see this going to be the drum beat as we move toward 2014 or is it just for today this. >> it's one of the issues they've been trying to focus on this whole year. the issue of income inequality, wage stagnation. the middle class not getting out of this recession the way the economy should have suggested in its point. the economy on every measure has improved. lots of middle class people have not felt the improvement. >> will it get them to the poll? >> there's not a lot of excitement going around anywhere at the election. people are unhappy with incumbent. they're unhappy with politics. it's not the wave of 2010. we'll probably see incumbent go down. it's not the same dynamic. it's interesting.
8:14 am
economic indicators supporting that. they've been good as of late. unemployment declining. we've had six consecutive months of creating 200,000 plus jobs with a new report due on friday as well. if things are doing better in the pocketbook, ththeoretically why hasn't been president obama been able to take advantage of the numbers? >> way too many people that are unemployed. those that are working part-time only because employers won't give them full-time work. it's not inspiring. it's better than not having a job, that's modest solis. throw in what beth suggested. up to this point, this looks like the lowest turnout year in history in midterm elections. there's a tremendous passivity there. if you're president obama and whether it's in milwaukee today or biden in detroit or both in other appearances this fall shouting about need to put up
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the minimum wage. it's unclear who folks are pointing a finger to. there's a fatigue factor. i think there's a sense we have to blame the white house and things on getting better. i don't think throwing out the figures on gdp and other factors, which is necessarily sadly for obama a winning political strategy. >> let's get to ted cruz. saturday he got a standing ovation. it was at the koch brother's conference. he said this he was focussing on one person. attorney general eric holder. listen to this. if you're tired of the most skrupt department of justice obstructing justice, and believe it is time to impeach eric
8:16 am
holder. >> so, beth, fire bomb p. here is the red meat. cruise also saying, i'm ready for immigration reform. if they want to make that the number one issue for 2014, government shut down who knows whether that's possible. he didn't answer either way on it. is it going to be the issue? >> you know, ted cruz is fantastic at inciting the base. that's what he's about. he's a base republican. he throws all the red meat, as you said. impeach holder. holder is the cabinet member republicans most love to hate. immigration reform, have at it. we'll shut down the government. he can go far as a presidential candidate on the republican side in 2016, he will go nowhere in the general election. speaking this way, talking this way, embracing these issues. it's not where the country is going. government shut down, blocking immigration reform. talking with the first black attorney general. you want to throw him out.
8:17 am
it's not a way to expand the party. >> jim? >> yeah, got that right. if the goal really is regaining the senate for the republicans, i don't think eric holder is going to be a big issue that helps you in a bunch of states. even stipulated republicans are probably going to pick up seats in at least montana, south dakota, west virginia. they have to find three more elsewhere. it's going to be a political feast this fall and some of the stuff will be so fascinating. i suspect impeaching an attorney general, most of whom, americans cannot identify is not necessarily going to get you to the promised land. >> jim, thank you so much. beth, thank you. appreciate you both. coming up ralph nader joins me to discuss his knnew crusade will raise the minimum wage.
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president obama heading to wisconsin today he's expected to renew the push to raise the federal minimum wage. the president blaming republicans in congress for obstructing this measure. some of his critics say the president's own party is to blame here. joining me now is one of the critics ralph nader who is out with a new report today. we'll get to the report shortly. you're saying his own party is at fault. why? >> they're not making it a big enough issue, richard. they know how to make it an issue. we have 30 million workers in america making less today than workers made in 19 68, 46 years ago adjusted for inflation. that's a lot of votes. they're not making it a by issue. if they did, they would do the following. president obama would do a barn storming tour around the country. the danger petition, which has
8:22 am
195 votes in the house of representatives all they need is 23 more and break speaker boehner's obstruction keeping the minimum wage hr 1010 from getting a vote. our witness gives more details on this. give we know when democrats are on the record but we also know when they can make it a real front burner issue. that's the winning issue. they are doom ed in november unless they make the minimum wage. it's the moral thing to do. even romney and storm have come out for them. a lot of conservative walmart workers, et. cetera, want to provide the necessities for their families. the president is going to mention that today.
8:23 am
you heard beth a little bit earlier as well as jim saying, the minimum wage that is not going to get the votes out. it's not necessarily going to be swinging the districts a way they want to swing in the 2014 election. there that's completely wrong. if you campaign and the key districts with the motto go vote and get yourself a restored minimum wage, you don't think that's going to get people out? that's something everybody understands. that's the right thing to do. that's the thing that stimulates the economy. it's the things that puts food on the table. if you have the republicans voting repeatedly in the house and senate the democrats should be landsliding it. they have to increase the urgency and get the big unions to put media vies on minimum wage giving it human face to it.
8:24 am
they do real work. i believe it is a hot issue back home with 70 to 80%. he's already close to 60 votes. the excuse in the senate is the house isn't acting. if they get that danger petition going all they need is 23 more sign ones and there are all kinds of republicans that are vulnerable because they voted for the minimum wage in 2007, et. cetera. you can get to that. the house will vote for the 1010 per hour minimum wage. george miller predicted this if it goes to the floor and gets boehner john boehner out of the way. >> is the solution not in d.c.?
8:25 am
>> there are a lot of cities and states that aren't waiting for washington. on the other hand, there are a lot at $7.25. the adjusted minimum wage would take it from $10.62. hr 1010 is modest. what has to be pointed out here is this is a winning issue. it affects people all over the country. it's word of mouth. it's very understandable. it's the right thing to do. costco pays $11.50 plus benefits for starting workers. walmart doesn't. so there are a even in the business community it's split. it's not smart to pay workers so little and inflict cruel grief from the top. the head of walmart was making
8:26 am
$11,000 an hour plus benefits. the head of target, until fired was making $14,000 an hour plus benefits. in other words, in two hours, on january 2, they make more than an individual worker makes in a year. that's not an issue that you can, you know, get people out to vote for. come on! >> thank you so much on this labor day. a san francisco 49 er was arrested on domestic violence charges over the weekend. days after the nfl announced new tougher policies on domestic violence. 49ers defensive end ray mcdonald was arrested yesterday. after officers responded to his home in an upscale san jose neighborhood. mcdonald was later released and posted a $25,000 bail. he would not discuss what happened but did say this. >> i can't say too much right now. it's not the kind of person i am. >> there's a mandatory six-game
8:27 am
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immigration may be a game-changer in the midterm elections. president obama promising in june that he would take the recommendation of the homeland security director and the attorney general on immigration and act by the end of the summer. many are still waiting. >> the president hasn't received the final recommends from his attorney general and secretary of homeland security for what options are available to him for acting unilaterally. there's a easy solution sitting on capitol hill that passed senate with bipartisan support. it has strong bipartisan support across the country. but house republicans are blocking it right now. >> is it the republicans blocking the efforts here or just the president not coming
8:31 am
out with his suggestions? i think it's a bit of both. i think the latino and asian voters are tired of being -- between the parties. these are real lives we're talking about. not passing immigration reform you're talking about roughly 1,000 families every day that are being separated and deported. i think it's about time the republican party and the democratic party basically start putting politics aside and saying this is what we need for country. do we want economic growth? the only way is to get people out the shadows and find out who is here and who has to stay. >> let's talk about timing here. why hasn't the president come out with his expected rights at which might become executive orders? >> right. we've been talking and hearing about rumors of the executive order since march. we're talking about over six months. the idea was come june they were going to provide some sort of relief for families that already had children under daca or here legally. unfortunately what was complicated was the issue of the refugees at the border.
8:32 am
and the republican party did a very beautiful spin. they conflated immigration reform, the talk trying to figure out what to do with the 11 million people here and basically conflated the refugee crisis we had at the border earlier this summer. and white house being front and center saying let's have a conversation these are two different issues. two different areas of policy we need to address. they basically took it back step and let the republicans spin this into saying we have a crisis at the border because we're even talking about immigration reform. that's not the case. >> the issue becoming more complicated either way you look at it. when you look at the number over 54 million latinos living in the u.s. it's a huge number, and as we both know here. that voting block is only going to grow. this as we start the school year and have more minority faces than mononminority. the executive action will it help democrats before the
8:33 am
midterms or is that too much farther in the future, really? >> i think if you're talking about providing immigration relief, the president got the white house because of the latino vote and the asian vote. folks often forget these two communities have a common shared interest in immigration reform. if they were to pass an executive order tomorrow, it would give them a reason to rally up the base. folks often say, well, look eric cantor the reason he lost the house seat because he didn't embrace reform. he had talked about immigration reform embraced a position there were 48,000 latino eligible voters in virginia. 27,000 asian voters. he lost by a margin of 7,000. i know, it gets complicated but it's all about the numbers. if you really want to win, the republicans or the democrats, the white house in 2016 you better start setting the foundation today. >> swefl and 2008.
8:34 am
the debate so far this hour has been. we'll keep it within the hour the big issue for 2014 is it going to be the minimum wage as ralph nader thinks it needs to be there beth and jim saying no. is it immigration reform, then? >> immigration reform. let's talk about virginia. and you mentioned it. 4% of the eligible voter are latino. 4%. that's little in most elections. when you talk about something that is so close. it's going to rally up the base in north carolina, louisiana, and even in arkansas. you have small margins you need to beat in order to put folks on top. >> all right. thank you so much. we had half an hour we could probably get to points i wanted fop appreciate you stopping by. >> thank you for talking about the topic. income inequality. workers rights at jobs major issues on the labor day. a note about the history behind this day. in 1894 nearly 4,000 railroad workers at chicago's company started a strike after the company lowered their pay and
8:35 am
laid off workers. seeking to restore a functioning railroad, president groemp cleveland sent in the military. the clash claimed the lives of 30 workers. in an attempt to pass fie the labor unions congress declared labor day a federal holiday just since days later. how is the american worker fairing today? joining house is mr. lou. >> you got it right. great to be here. >> the latest employment report that comes out this friday the last six have been pretty good. what do we expect to see? is life improving for the american worker? >> well, life is certainly improving for the american worker. we've had 53 months of job growth. we've created almost 10 million jobs. so the recovery certainly is going strong. there is much more that needs to be done. there are still about 3 million long-term unemployed in the
8:36 am
country. we need to do more to help the people. >> you may have heard some discussions so far this hour. it is a nod to the next question for you. you held a working family summit at the white house about a month ago, if i remember properly. it focussed on equal pay and looking at how families are trying to make it through the tough balance. has the white house, though, done now have lower the wage gap between men and women and enabling these families? >> we need to do more on the front. the president has been a leader in calling on more equal pay. certainly increasing the minimum wage, as you talked about in the past segment would have a huge impact on that. beyond the simple wage issues. we need to do more in term of paid leave. the united states is one of the few countries in the world that doesn't have a paid leave policy. we also need do more to promote workplace flexibility. >> the minimum wage debate that was brought up by ralph nader about 15 minutes ago. he's saying give 1010.
8:37 am
let's get the 1010 passed. what is the perspective how it would help alleviate the problems described in the program that was brought out, again, focussing on families at the working family summit >>well, look, the president called for an increase in the minimum wage in his state of the union address. he believes that no one should work full-time and still live in poverty. yet that action has not happened. fortunately, around the country about 13 states and the district of columbia have raised their mon minimum wage. >> do you expect a more to happen on the state level than nationally? >> well, certainly the president, secretary perez are committed to working on getting federal legislation passed. but in the absence of federal legislation, we're going to continue to give lift to the efforts. not only happening at states but cities around the country that are trying to live the minimum wage.
8:38 am
because at its core, no american worker should work full-time and still live in poverty. >> i want to get to something that was released from your department last week. it was report on asian and pacific islanders. two interesting points i found in it. asian-americans have high poverty rates yet not nationally. new york city's largest poverty group i think it's 24% are asian pacific islanders. where are these pockets of poverty in this group which doesn't quite fit the stereotype here. >> that's right. it's one of the reasons why we did the report. the stereotype of asian-ameri n asian-americans are they're doing very well. when you look at the aggravates they have doing well. they have lower unemployment rates. on average they earn higher wages. when you start to disaggregate the data. you look at the group by group you start to see vast dinch
8:39 am
differences in things like the unemployment rate or college dropout rate or the poverty rate. so, again, it shows that we can't look at a group as a whole. we need to start to look at different pockets of groups. it simply shows that government needs to do more. >> thank you so much, deputy secretary of labor. have a great labor day. this day made for you, i guess. >> it absolutely is. thank you for having me. coming up on the labor day. it's a good reminder you've worked hard enough. we have a list of the top destinations where you should be spending the well-deserved time off for those that have time off. as we take a live look at choppy waters at the beach in new jersey. we'll have the labor day forecast. we have wild weather, unfortunately in some other states and parts of the country. ♪
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8:43 am
the northeast today ahead of a cold front. yesterday storms bringing damaging winds and large hails to parts of iowa, nebraska, and kansas. joining me now with today's forecast is meteorologist janet. a lot of folks trying to get home from the long weekend >>well, we expect to see some thunderstorms that may impact travels in sections of the east and especially the midwest yet again today. it's going to be another hay city, hot and humid day. best chance for the thunderstorms will be in the afternoon with the heating of the dpap we've watching another cold front that is pushing in from the west currently producing some thunderstorms across southern missouri. this is the area that looks to see the risk for severe thunderstorms. this is the afternoon into tonight anywhere from detroit to indianapolis, including st. louis. it looks like hail and damaging winds will be a great threat from began to southern sections of illinois. we could see hail and some isolated tornados into tonight in sections of southern missouri and northern oklahoma. elsewhere on the labor day monday it's a hot one across
8:44 am
sections of the southwest near 1110 in phoenix. temperatures in the middle 80s in los angeles. typically summer time thunderstorms will continue to pop up across sections of the florida peninsula. take a look at the temperatures in the northeast 91 in washington, d.c., in the 80s in new york city. richard, when you factor in the humidity, it's going to feel even hotter. again, the threat for thunderstorms will continue in parts of the atlantic especially this afternoon. >> i would say yucky not uncomfortable. >> it's so uncomfortable. >> it's warm in the west. they're having a good summer. the last summer day if you will. thank you so much. we're talking to the travelers nearly 35 million of us are hitting the road this long weekend. according to aaa. it makes the labor day travel the highest since 2008. 86% is going by car and 8 percent will fly. one reason for the uptick gas prices are down about 15 cents a gallon. joining me now wendy. no bicycle numbers.
8:45 am
do they do that? >> i don't know. i think there are still some people who love to bike. most people went to the city or went to the beach. or national parks, lakes. >> we'll talk to aa don't forget the biking numbers and rolling skater numbers. >> hot air balloon. >> i don't know. some of the ways to get home now. people are head together road. they're also flying. >> yeah. that's right. more people, in fact, 40% of trip advisers travelers hit the road this weekend. it's a huge number of people. to make the trip home easier, because you want to avoid trying to leave before 4:00 p.m. today or after 10:00 p.m. tonight, you know, in other words try to avoid the traffic. or even, you know, hey, if you want to have one last gasp and hit the road before rush hour commute tomorrow morning. >> use the travel apps. >> totally. if you to find out where the traffic is worse and what the
8:46 am
fastest route is. gas buddy if you're trying to avoid high gas prices. >> we all are. >> of course. >> but based on what you have seen over this holiday weekend, labor day, what does it mean for the fall? >> well, you know, even more people want to travel in the fall, actually. 83% of trip adviser travelers are planning to hit the road this fall which is up 16% from last year. it's because, you know, the weather is more pleasant. but also, just you don't hit the crowds of summer. also, fall followage. a lot of people want to see the glorious colors. >> are they traveling domestically or abroad? >> most people are traveling domestically. about 7 in 10 travel domestically this fall. and the most popular u.s. cities will be new york city and boston and orlando. because you know what? >> yeah. >> there isn't the wait for theme parks. >> orlando or anaheim. >> and las vegas and san francisco. >> what about abroad? where do folks hang? >> they are heading to places like europe and, i mean, where
8:47 am
it's shoulder season. it's still the conditions are fabulous and the weather is great but you don't have to do it with the crowds of summer time. >> when you get them nailed down. i'll go along with. fall is a good time to travel, no doubt. thank you so much. after the break we celebrate the american worker with a special tribute on this very labor day. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class.
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8:50 am
the first competition since a deadly crash did not go so well for nascar star tony stewart. he finished in 41st out of 43 after he slammed into a wall twice. gabe gutierrez explains. >> into the wall. stewart looked like some contact with kyle busch. >> overnight, sparks flew as 19 stewart was knocked off track. >> now completely derailed. >> the nascar legend telling his team -- >> sorry, guys. you deserve better than this. >> we there were as he left his garage, his heavily damaged car beyond repair. >> disappointed that i couldn't
8:51 am
finish the race but in the context of everything else that's gone on and everything he's dealing with it was a right step. he wasn't able to finish. >> stewart's first race since he struck and killed a fellow driver kevin ward jr. at a dirt racetrack. ward had climbed out of his car and stepped on to the track. a fan captured though collision on camera and posted it on youtube. >> this has been one of the toughest tragedies i've ever had to deal with. >> stewart spoke publicly about it on friday. the sheriff says the crash investigation will take at least two more weeks. online some bashed stewart for returning so soon. one saying, can't believe tony is being allowed to drive. rest in peace, kevin ward. >> many fans are standing by him even as his return ended with a torn-up tire, a long gulp of water and a 41st place finish. >> we were upset. hoping he could get a race in tonight his first race back.
8:52 am
>> he wanted to make a clean comeback and a lot of his fans want him back. that's a tough way to go out. >> gabe gutierrez reporting for us there. on this labor day, thank you very much, gabe, and on this labor day, we honor the sacrifices of the american worker which includes volunteer workers helping the less fortunate. a new study estimating that $1 billion in volunteer labor is donated each year to help the hungry. that's 100 million hours at charities like food pantries. here's a look at some of those who dedicate their extra time and energy to giving back. >> reporter: it's a story she doesn't want to tell. >> it hurts, no. i don't want to see myself -- i said i never want to see myself again there. >> reporter: brenda's thoughts all about struggle with housing and work. feeding her family of five on $19 a week. that's changed thanks to p.o.t.s., part of the solution. >> i got a new raise. foodwise, now i'm into more
8:53 am
nutritional stuff. i'm eating vegetables like i never ate before. >> reporter: over the last seven years, p.o.t.s. gave her meals, legal help with her home and even the idea to guard for healthy living. brenda got better. good enough to become brenda the volunteer. >> you can call on her and the rest of the p.o.t.s. if i'm in crisis, i make a phone call and i have four of them coming to our rescue. >> reporter: the p.o.t.s. food coordinator trains young volunteers. brenda's daughter included. >> she did her service learning with us and then became part of our pantry and then started to intern with us. she became one of my head leaders in the nutrition education component. >> brenda and her daughter are now giving back. they are part of 2 million volunteers helping food agencies nationally each month. that's more than 100 million donated hours annually says feeding america, worth over $1 billion. that money saved spent on food
8:54 am
instead. >> we have peas, carrots, beets. >> those cans of food at the pantry start here like this can of carrots on pallets in this warehouse that represents millions of meals. they supply smaller pantries like p.o.t.s., gathering donations, dividing them up and delivering them. filling 30 huge trucks, leaving at sunrise every day. inside the warehouse, a special room with more volunteers scooping macaroni from a 1200-pound tub into family sized bags. >> the biggest concern is making sure that the volunteer pipeline continues. >> a volunteer for 12 years is now also the chair of the board. >> this is the best full-time job nonpaying i've ever had. >> the one thing that connects all volunteers is love. and i think you have to be able to see something that is the
8:55 am
same in one person that is in you. >> reporter: then there's this. the ceo of the count's largest food bank says they'll double the meals they normally have to supply to over 100 million this year. what she needs more of -- >> at the top of the list it's always going to be more compassion. that's always going to be the top of the list. i get afraid about that sometimes. i do. >> reporter: don't tell the ceranos that. father, mother, daughter and son. pantry clients and pantry volunteers. they don't have a lot, but they give a lot. >> no strings attached. none whatsoever. >> and just one final note on poverty in america. an estimated 46 million americans live below the poverty line today. that's about equal to the entire population of spain. that wraps up things for me pooim richard lui. melissa rilissa rehberger picks coverage after this. a live report from the white
8:56 am
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good day. i'm milissa rehberger. breaking news at this hour. british prime minister david cameron just announced new domestic security measures to address the threat of isis to the united kingdom. >> mr. speaker, passports are not an automatic right. the home secretary already has the discretion to issue, revoke and refuse passports under the royal prerogative if there's reason to believe that people are planning to take part in terrorist-related activity. but when police suspect a traveler at the border, they're not currently able to apply for the royal prerogative and so only have limited stop and search powers. so we will introduce specific and targeted legislation to fill this gap by providing the police with a temporary power to seize a passport at the border during which time they'll be able to investigate the individual concerned. >> joining me now is nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing.
9:00 am
we know pressure has been building for the white house to take action to deal with this growing threat. how much does the possibility of radicalized americans coming back to mount an attack play into that? >> well, we heard a lot about that from members of congress over the weekend. obviously, there is a serious concern, while there aren't believed to be anywhere nir the number of americans as there are europeans who have been radicalized, the estimate is it could be between 70 and 100. the concern is you have an american going over there getting trained and coming back and possibly mounting an attack. it's very important to say that there is no intelligence suggesting that anything is imminent, that this is going to happen. but the threat, obviously, is real enough that you saw the prime minister cameron making these proposals. the uk already has measures in place to revoke passports. we've seen that over the last month or so. they've revoked dozens of passports. this is a step even further. there arny


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